PM-6200 - 3M Filter 6000 Series Low Maintenance Half Masks - Medium

3M 6000 Series Low Maintenance Half Masks
SKU: 6200

The 6000 Series gives you the best of the disposable and reusable respirator worlds.  Extremely lightweight, providing greater comfort for longer periods of wear.  Your savings will grow with continued use and regular cleaning, and then throw away when worn out.  There are no parts to replace with this low maintenance respirator. The adjustable cradle suspension holds respirator in place for maximum fit and comfort.  The low profile feature provides better visibility and allows your workers to wear safety glasses more comfortably.  When the filter becomes hard to breathe through, simply discard, replace and breathe easy again with this easy-to-use system.  Supplied with a reusable storage bag to keep mask clean between uses. 

24 per case. Sold by the each.